Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Localhost web server is a local server on your computer. Localhost server functions to run PHP scripts for a website. Without this server, secured web using a web-language PHP will not open properly, may not even open at all. In addition, the web server localhost is also useful for storing data member / others from a website in the database (we'll use phpMyAdmin for database.. Okhee

Sok Inggris yahk gw.. ahh masa bodo.. :p

right now we just install a web server localhost, let me not get bored reading a lengthy introduction. Here are the steps

   1. The first step is to download XAMPP Localhost, here.
   2. Then install XAMPP which includes Apache Server and MySQL server in our computer, here are the stages:
3. Choose a place / drive to be installed, then click next.
4. Check the three menus in the "SERVICE SECTION", then click install
5. Wait until the install process space

   6. After the process is complete it will display appears like the picture on the side, then click    "Finish" and wait a few moments. If there's a confirmation then select "YES".

   7. After the display appears as shown below, the installation process has been completed.

Now the Apache server and MySQL server (phpMyAdmin) has installed. Wait a subsequent well tutorial on using PHP and MySQL in an application on the server localhost from this blog. (We'll prove usefulness of these localhost servers)... (=^_^=)


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